Tuesday, November 2, 2010

The Adoption Constellation: Check out this new magazine!

The Adoption Constellation is a new magazine just released by Adoption Mosaic, a "non-profit adoption organization with the goal of providing education resources and ongoing support to all those whose lives are influenced by adoption."

The mission of Adoption Mosaic as stated on their website is "to connect, honor and serve the adoption community through innovative education, practices and support services."

I have featured a link to their website for quite some time as a related organization under the tab, "More Blogs & Resources," while I have also written for their blog in the past.

I appreciate Adoption Mosaic in particular (and the recently released publication) because it includes adult adoptees in its staff and volunteers. Overall, the organization provides a balanced and inclusive philosophy that gives recognition to all the members of the adoption community from adult adoptees to first mothers to adoptive parents, to adoption professionals and extended family members, and so forth.

Adoption magazines and related publications that actually include adult adoptees in their process and staff are unfortunately more rare than they ought to be. So, kudos to Adoption Mosaic for creating the magazine, The Adoption Constellation, and for honoring and including the voices of adult adoptees along with other members of the adoption community.

The first issue is actually available online for free. Some of the guest contributors may be familiar to you, including Dr. John Raible, adult adoptee and adoptive parent, and Dr. Richard Boas, founder of the Korean Unwed Mothers Support Network, along with other members of the "adoption triad," or as is the title of the magazine, the "adoption constellation." The three staff columnists consist of a birth mother, an adoptee, and an adoptive mother. Furthermore artwork by members of the adoption triad, or constellation, is featured within the magazine. Subsequent issues will be available in print to purchase individually or by subscription (only $25 for an entire year).

I encourage you to take a moment to give The Adoption Constellation a look. I think you'll find it worth your time.


Sandy said...

Melissa - I was so impressed with their first edition. Absolutely brilliant. I was also pleased they featured the man who started the organization to help Korean mothers keep their children.

Kim said...

Thank you for this link, Melissa!

Just reading the divergent "clouds" on page 4 told me it is the place I want to read. There ARE so many strongly held views on all sides - I feel like I'm about to toss a grenade any time I post about adoption.

Great to see a new resource like this. Thanks for sharing it!

Melissa said...

Thanks, Sandy & Kim for taking the time to check it out. Please spread the word to anyone else you think might benefit from or be interested in reading it!