Wednesday, December 15, 2010

An Adoptee in Post-Reunion: A Holiday Wish List

As I mentioned in the original post, "Time for a Break," even though I'm taking an overall break from the adoption community and blogosphere, there are still some commitments I will continue to maintain, one of which is writing a monthly post for the adoption website, "Grown in My Heart."

So, here's this months GIMH post, "An Adoptee in Post-Reunion: A Holiday Wish List."


The Richerts said...

Love your list! You have opened my eyes to so many things in the last several months. Keep wishing!!
Happy Holidays and Blessings to you and all your family as you welcome your son.

Mia_h_n said...

Although I love your list because your heart include good wishes for all of us, it still made me ache a little because of your personal wishes. I'm sorry for your reasons for needing some of those wishes.
If there's strength in numbers just know that I'm wishing for you too. It couldn't hurt, right..?

Toni said...

I have followed your journey and thank you for sharing it. You won't remember, but you posted on my blog, where I talk about raising my two Korean kiddos - we are really into Korea and visited this summer for 3 weeks. Anyway... your list touched me in many ways. Though I am the mother of the adoptees, my son, who has been reunited with his Halmoni & younger brother (son is 13, brother is 9) is working to build a relationship with them, but being a kid, the job falls largely to me to keep building the bridges for he and his Korean family to cross. The one thing I tell his Halmoni over and over in Korean is "we are all family now!". My son connects us forever. I hope someday your family will be able to come to that understanding for you. For number 15: "that growing up in America as a Korean adoptee was not so strongly characterized by racism, bigotry, alienation, isolation, discrimination, ignorance, misunderstanding, and all the other “-isms” and “-ations” and “-ances” and “-ings” that one can imagine." It is because of adult adoptees like yourself that parents like me are really working to change how Korean adoptees are being raised. Thank you.
Best wishes on the birth of your son.

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