Thursday, September 25, 2008

Redemption (poem)


the Husseins. and Hitlers.
are famous-- direct. unplugged: the twisted ridiculous.

they are the names we possess, we lambaste
to perpetuate and inherit
the furious:

herds of the unheard: i find ambition
in pandemonium.

and regression. i am an obsession.

employed. rapid

as startling as Hiroshima. the throngs I
have just offended. the mobs with which I have contended
to suppress (undo, dissemble)

my controversy.

they were sons of someone.

ideally, love could decipher the world.
if only we could derive her structure

replicate her culture.
clone her anatomy: archaic and cryptic.

in search of such an
anthropologist: this archaeology
surmounts the Einsteins and prodigies

She is the fossil that the tomb unrolled:

I would fall to her

I would live in her cavern.

Hussein, Hitler. in your sickness-- depart.

let us massacre ourselves--

no more.

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