Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Universe (poem)


There once was a girl who was as lovely and
as pure as the universe. before
the curiosity of man dipped its hands
into her starry abyss.

All her mystery and wonder
penetrated by his satellites.
his probes.
his insatiable need to know.

now. her darkness and her light
pour out like an endless night

for all the world to stick out their tongues
and lap her up-- they say she tastes
like oil and. dirt.

while they say
there is such a thing as

for those who think
we have a better half. of those who still believe
in something as ridiculous as perfection.

so she stabs. her eyes.

the universe no longer wants to
see. because she
no longer.
she has been touched too much.

and so she falls. out of the sky.
burning. blazing.

and in her final thoughts she wonders. she hopes
that the world will mistake her
for that
ever-elusive. glorious



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