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General Expense Summary:

1. Birthland Tour $7000 (total includes both of us)
2. Domestic airfare and hotel $1000 (total includes both of us)
3. Additional expenses $1000 (total includes both of us)

Total Cost: $9000

Note: All fees must be received by May 9, 2008 in order to participate in this summer’s tour.

The first $3800 is due by March 20, 2008 to secure airfare. (If we are unable to raise the fees in time for this year's tour, we will apply the money raised toward next year's tour.)

More Detailed Explanation:

1. $3500 Birthland Tour fee* per person
  • Dates of Tour/Travel: June 24-July 5 (also June 23 and July 6 for domestic travel)
  • (Includes: airfare from L.A., hotel, 1 -2 meals a day, and various activities and services; does not include domestic airfare, but the agency can secure both the domestic airfare & hotel at a very reasonable rate as described below.)

The following is excerpted directly from the brochure for the Korea Tour:

One of the many milestones in an adoptee’s life is the decision
to visit his or her birth country. Dillon International’s
birthland tour offers a complete tour package for all families,
regardless of agency used for adoption placement, that allows
participants to experience their birth country’s culture,
heritage and people in-depth. This journey is a great financial
and emotional commitment allowing adopted persons an
opportunity to learn more about their origins.

Tour includes:
♦ Small travel groups (20–30 persons)
♦ International airfare
♦ Accommodations (based on double occupancy)
♦ Visit to Eastern Social Welfare Society or other agency
♦ Admission fees to scheduled events with 1-2 meals per day
♦ Professional, English-speaking guides
♦ Staff of social workers, adopted adults and/or adoptive
♦ Transportation during scheduled tour activities
♦ Hands-on cultural learning experiences
♦ Resources to assist you in preparing for your journey
♦ Pre-trip orientation
♦ Counseling support

Tour does not include side trips, individual purchases and gifts
or individual tips.

♦ Side trip excursions available during free days
♦ Search services (certain age restrictions apply)
♦ Domestic airfare arrangement for a reasonable rate

For a more detailed description visit

2.*$1000 Domestic airfare & hotel:
  • The actual Tour fee is $3500 per person. However, the airfare covered by the fee departs from L.A. My husband and I live in GA. So we would also need to pay for airfare from Altanta to L.A. and from L.A to Atlanta, as well as a hotel room in L.A. for the night before we leave for Seoul and the night after we return from Seoul.

3. Additional fees/expenses:
  • Food & miscellaneous $400 - $600 (according to the tour director)
  • Support services: There are additional fees for facilitation of birth family meetings & interactions
  • Fee for successful reunion with birth family: $200
  • Facilitate meeting with birth family/parent: $65 per meeting
  • Visit to orphanage, birth places, or foster home: $50

Go to for more information on search fees

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