Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Yippee! Two of my poems published!

This is a bit of a divergence, since I normally focus on only the adoptee part of my life at this blog. But I figure it's good to diverge every once in a while, especially since I'm taking a bit of a "break" from the adoption realm.

But even still, this is somewhat relevant, since much of the poetry I write shares a kind of connection to my adoption experience, even if somewhat indirect.

Two of my poems were published this month (on pages 10 & 27) in an annual literary publication, "The Inkling," sponsored by the mother monthly publication, "The Verge."

Although a small local publication, I still feel pretty honored to have gotten a couple of poems published in this year's "Inkling"-- the other writers with whom I was published, in my opinion, produced beautiful and quality poems, prose, and stories that challenge me and call me higher. Kudos to my fellow writers! And also, if I somehow squeaked in there among writers whose work I can appreciate and admire, then maybe I'm not all that bad.

(And maybe now I can officially say that I'm a "writer" being that I've been published several times, even though in very small, niche publications? I had another poem published last year in the same publication, on page 9 titled, "Creation," but didn't bother sharing...I'm weird like that. I also will have an interview printed in the next issue of "The Adoption Constellation," and I write or have written for a couple of adoption sites? Ok, maybe not quite ready to proclaim that I'm a writer, but getting closer...)

But if you feel so inclined, give it a looksy--there really are some gorgeous writings and some interesting art. I personally liked the poem by PM Rogers, "Good night, Ambrosia" and the one by Daphne Maysonet, "My Theory Sonnet" as well as the one by Abby Spasser, "A Prayer for My Father."

And of course, if you so desire, my two poems are on page 10, "The Engagement" and page 27, "Destinies." For insight, "The Engagement" is a short haiku-like poem written about a time I punched a tree--yes, really--I was 19, and just beginning to awaken in response to my adoption. And "Destinies" was written after Mike & I viewed the poignant film about Iraqi orphans, "Turtles Can Fly."

* * *

[Also, if you happen to be interested, I have more samplings of poems I've written contained within this blog under the label, "poem"...]


Wendy said...

Congrats! Yes, you are a writer. It feels weird saying it sometimes--I have only been published twice and called to read three times, but hey...I guess that is what I am . I don't call myself a writer currently as I have put down the pen for too long--since adopting, but it is screaming for me once again. This year is my year to pick it back up.
I can't wait to go and check out your work!

Sunday said...

Congratulations, and while you may not be ready to proclaim that you are indeed a Writer I will! “You, my dear are a writer!”

Diane said...

Hooray! Congrats big! It is hard for many writers to claim the title 'writer'. It is a struggle for most artists I think. Embrace your writer self and keep sharing it with the world!

Yoli said...

Congratulations!!! I am very happy for you!

a Tonggu Momma said...

Congratulations! You are a WRITER.

Terra said...

Wonderful news. Congrats!

I'm with Sunday, while you may not be ready to proclaim that you are a Writer we will! You, my dear are a PUBLISHED writer!