Wednesday, September 30, 2009


So, I just returned from Korea last night.

As I posted on my Twitter account, I am both exhausted and exhilarated.

I will return to blogging about it all as soon as I feel as though I have had ample time to recover.

I will at least say this for now: the trip although incredibly emotionally wrenching was absolutely worth it.

I got to meet family that I did not meet during our last trip. I also gained more knowledge and insight regarding the situation--although painful yet meaningful.

Lots of stories and adventures of which to tell...

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

a Sister Twist

Quick update here:

I got a phone call tonight at about 8:20 PM. It was the social worker at Eastern in Korea. She had just finished a phone conversation with my Omma (my Korean mother).

She wanted me to know something.

* * *

Looks like I'll be meeting my two biological half-sisters this trip.

How I wonder what in the world they are thinking and how they are feeling.

I hope they don't despise me.

I hope we get along.

* * *

I hope this twist doesn't end up sour.

I would of course prefer sugar and spice and everything nice.

But I suppose with enough exposure, one can acquire a taste for just about anything.

Let's hope my sisters are open and willing to "acquire."

[smile, wink...weep...]

Sunday, September 6, 2009

a Twist

Uh so, er, yes, I am actually going to be boarding an airplane next Sunday.

And not just any airplane. I'll be boarding an airplane on its way to Korea.


Wait, didn't you just get back from Korea?

Yep. Sure did.

* * *

It's a crazy story, which I won't get into it right now.

But it is suffice to say that an opportunity was presented--well, really, handed to me just two Thursday's ago. It was one that I would have been a fool to turn down.

So, here we go again. I am returning to Korea intensely sooner than I had ever anticipated. I'm just as shocked and surprised as you are.

I'll be there for two weeks. And this trip is going to be quite different from the first one back in June and July.

In June and July I traveled to Korea with my husband at my side, holding my hand every step of the way. We traveled with the safety net of a tour group--all activities, accommodations, staff provided.

I know there are plenty of you out there who have made such a trek before and are probably shrugging your shoulders, thinking, yeah, so what's the big deal?

And I admire each one of you. Always have.

You see, I'm a sissy--and I am a little freaked out about making this trip without my normal safeties in place. I know. Ultimately, I am a grown woman, and all will be fine.

* * *

It's just that this is all happening so much faster and so much sooner than I expected. And to be honest, I haven't even finished processing the first trip we made to Korea in June and July to meet my biological parents for the first time.

And now I'm about to do it again.

I'm not complaining or whining--

It's a bit like my husband said, It's like you're watching a movie, and you think it's about to wrap things up. Then suddenly, something unexpected happens, and the plot gets ripped wide open.

Not that this is anything like a movie. And not that this story will ever "wrap things up."

It's simply to say that this is turning out to be quite the twist in an already unpredictable adventure.