Search & Reunion

Journal I: The Road to Meeting My Birth Parents

[The following entries are generally in chronological order, beginning with least recent to most recent. Click on any of the titles below to read the pertaining entry]

(Click HERE for a video of my reunion with my Omma or see video below)


a Name: how the search for my birth mother began
ad for my birth mother
a Hard Day (Birth Mother, where are you?)
a Fool's Winter (Should I continue searching for her?)
the Giving Away (Why did she relinquish me?)
Perpetual Metamorphosis (the Heartache of Searching but Not Finding)
the Yo-Yo Girl (Why do I keep searching?)


1.07.09: The Finding (remembering the day I got THE CALL)
the Big News (How my birth parents emerged)
Reality (the Initial Emotions of Finding my Birth Parents)
the Promise


Waiting (The first step toward Contact)
no Words (dealing with the expectations of a pending reunion)

blood in my Dinner (fear that my American parents will pull away)
Reaching (the intense emotion of pending reunion)

thoughts on the first Photos of my Birth Parents
more Photos and Thoughts
another Photo of my Omma

a DNA Test

her First Words (the first letter from my birth mother, or "Omma")
his First Words (the first letter from my birth father, or "Appa")
his Letters (my Appa's first letters to me)

the Outside (dealing with the ongoing wounds of being adopted)

never in Vain (the "What-if's" of pending reunion)
un-Stifle (Who might I have been?)
out of our Bones (dealing with fear of pending reunion)

the Dig (transitioning from "not knowing" to "knowing")
beware of the Plunge (fears versus hopes pending reunion)

resurrection of a Flower (the tension of a divided identity)
the Sidewalk (trying to raise awareness)
FAQ's (frequently asked questions about my search & reunion)

holy Moley: an Update (airline tickets & odd facts about Korea)
nine More Weeks (before traveling to Korea to meet my birth parents)

one Degree of Separation (someone else meeting my birth parents)
Horizon (reunion is only the beginning)

the Swell (trying not to over-romanticize pending reunion)
like Surgery (the painful confusion of pending reunion)

one Week (until we leave for Korea to meet my birth parents)
almost on Our Way (3 more days)
in Korea