Post Reunion

Journal II: Meeting my Birth Parents and Beyond

[I traveled to Korea twice in the year of 2009 after discovering that my biological parents were alive and waiting to meet me. The following is a collection of entries written between July 2009 and March 2010, subsequent to meeting my biological parents for the first time in June 2009. For more details on how I searched for and found my Korean parents, go to "Search & Reunion."]

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Time: Back from Korea
Emerging: Transitioning to post-reunion life
Magic: the up's and down's of post-reunion
Synchrony: communication challenges in post-reunion
Elusion: how I had to deal with poor record-keeping
Worlds: Dealing with the "two families" in post-reunion
Insecure: the Challenges of Managing my Relationships with Both Sets of Parents
the Wall: the Ongoing language barrier
Dominoes: the Why and How of Post-Reunion
Dissonance in my Kimchi: Trying to Reconcile Two Identities
a Twist: I'm Going back to Korea
a Sister Twist: Will I be Meeting my Half Sisters?
Back: After my Second Trip to Korea
Substrate: my Three Korean Names
Release: Post-reunion emotion
Eclipse: dealing with the Conflict & Division in Post-Reunion
more than a Photo
Raw: Wounds that Never Heal
a Memory or 2
in a Nutshell: One Year since the Big News
the Tide: Managing the new Knowledge about my Korean family
Happening: Reminding myself that this is what I wanted
Both: two Identities
hole in the Sky
hole in the Sky II
Flood: Overwhelmed by Post-reunion
reunion Does not Fix It
all is Well (not really)
two of Each: my Two Sets of Parents
language Barrier: a Painful, Prohibitive Obstacle
tip Toes: the Ongoing Fragile & Delicate Nature of Post-reunion