Monday, June 15, 2009

one Week



It is almost time.

It is almost time to fly.


One more week.

Seven more days.

And we will be making our way to Korea.


How are you feeling? What are you feeling?


I am feeling everything.


My husband and I, of course, will be amidst making all the final preparations for the trip.

I feel like I am in a daze. It is taking hold of me like a fog. Like a dream.


This is happening.


I honestly do not have the words to express this experience. I am unable to communicate the profundity of what is happening.

Its effects extend far beyond what I can perceive.

And with that, there are those deeply troubled by how I have decided to proceed.

Why rock the boat?


This ripple began years ago. As it traveled across the ocean, in all directions, it fed upon the wind.

A ripple is made to grow. To spread.

Even when we can see it no longer, it still travels, still lingers, still makes its way to places unknown. Beyond our control.

I did not drop the stone.

Perhaps, I was the stone. That became a feather. And could only go where the wind and water took me.

Until now.


Until now.

The wind has shifted.

The ripple is bouncing back. Returning to its beginning.

I am not rocking the boat.

I am steadying it.


Now--stone and feather have had time to become something more.

Whole. More complete.

The one who dropped the stone is standing on the shore. The ones who caught the feather are having to let it go.

I hope they know how much I need them. How much I love them.

I cannot help but spread these wings.


Do not forsake me now.

May our weaknesses become our strengths.

There is enough love.

For every mother.

For every child.

I will abandon neither.


Ginger said...

WOW! God bless you and keep you safe on this journey. We love you!

Mia_h_n said...

you break my heart..or rather the ones you struggle with breaks my heart for you. Indeed God bless you. I'm with you all the way. Much love.

Jeff and Madeline said...

Safe journey. I am new to your blog and I making a journey to China in 6 days to hopefully meet and establish a relationship with my daughter's first family. I think of her reading your words. Thank you for sharing.

Mila said...

Mia, I know you're with me--I can feel it :)

Mila said...

Hi Wendy :) Wishing you a safe journey also. We'll be making our journeys at the same time...I hope all goes well, and how intriguing that you have an opportunity to meet her Chinese family...please keep me posted...

Mei-Ling said...

I love the way you've written in this particular post.