Wednesday, January 20, 2010


I recently found the following "post" in my "possible blog entries" folder, and realized I never got around to actually posting it.

It is dated July 31, 2009, which indicates that I wrote it soon after returning from our first trip to Korea during which I met each of my biological parents for the first time.

To read it functioned to remind me of the hope and wonder of the first meetings, of the first steps toward finding, toward knowing--how new and startling it all felt...

how I had waited for so long, aching and longing to do something as simple as sit down to eat a meal with the people who first gave me life, or walk down a sidewalk together, knowing that we belonged to one another...

so that when I finally found myself reveling in such circumstances, it felt so much like a dream that it almost seemed as though this could not be happening...

* * *

July 31, 2009


This is really happening.

* * *

I have to keep telling myself that this is really happening.

* * *

I continue to comb through the photos with my eyes. The believing disbelief never ceases.

The awe only seems to proliferate in vastness and penetrate more intensely as I ponder increasingly that this is what is happening.

* * *

That which was dying has been given new life.

That which was obscured has been revealed.

That which sat in darkness has found its way into the light.

* * *

They are alive.

I have seen them with my own eyes.

I have touched them with my own hands.

I have heard their voices.

I have received their smiles.

We have looked into each other’s eyes.

I have sat in the same room with them.

I have eaten with them.

I have walked with them, rode with them, talked with them.

We have wept, laughed, and hurt together.

* * *

I know who they are. And I am known by them.

* * *

This is really happening.


There is no way to sum up this story in a blog.

All that has happened to get to this point. All that is going to have to happen to go beyond this point.

All that has become known and all that will be made known.

* * *

As I eventually tell the story, people may think that I am fabricating details and events. They’re going to think that I fictionalized certain details for dramatic effect.

Just know that this story has no need for dramatic effect. Like that old cliché goes—fact is better than fiction.

Truth like this needs no augmentation. It can stand on its own.

But truth like this needs time.

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Mia_h_n said...

I love your words :) They are so intense and gripping. As I read this I found myself starting to smile and feel exited as if it happened to me. It's crazy! :) Your wonder and amazement that this has actually happened really comes through.