Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Korean father looking for his son: Zachary K92-180 DOB Feb. 14 1992

Name: Kim Joon Su 김준수
Adoptive Name: “Zachary”
Adopted to the U.S. through Holt
DOB Feb. 14, 1992

Pictured below at 8 and 9 months.


Your Korean father is looking for you. He did not know that you were sent for adoption and has been looking for you for years. Holt gave him these pictures and your first name, but not your last name. I have met your dad recently and he’s a really nice guy who works very hard. If this is you, please send an email to jjtrenka@gmail.com and I can translate a message for your dad and also give you more details.

* * *

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Demeter said...

Does Kim Joon's father speak (write) English? If so this free search service might be of some help. They usually do Canadian and US searches but since the boy was kidnapped to the US they might be able to help. It's all I have to offer except prayers...this post made me so sad for them both:*(
Good Luck!

Mila said...

Thanks, Demeter...I get the impression that the Korean father does not speak English, and that's in part why Jane Trenka is involved--to help translate...very sad indeed...