Tuesday, July 12, 2011

"Use your privilege, I won't be a kid forever"

For any last minute takers, Dr. John Raible, an adult adoptee and adoptive parent, is doing a webinar, "Adoptees as parents," hosted by the group, Adoptees Have Answers. Here's his own description of the webinar that will take place tomorrow:

I promise you, this presentation will be thought-provoking, if not controversial. I will share my latest thinking about the sometimes tense relations between adoptees and parents, and the advantages of being a parent AS an adoptee. I’ll also be discussing strategies for how parents can take on ally behaviors from a social justice perspective. And I’ll address how we adoptees need allies, and why they are so hard to find. Together we will explore: Can parents really be allies to their adopted children? What is an ally anyway?

Sounds like fun, huh? So if you haven’t already registered, now is the time! Click here.


Reena said...

I had thought it was specifically for Adoptees who are parents through adoption. Now I relaize that is not the case, but the webinar is in the middle of the workday and now is my busiest time at work. Do you know if it will be recorded and we can pay to watch that verison?

Mila said...

There might be a DVD made available at some point...not certain, but I'm sure the AHA website has the info...