Friday, January 9, 2009

the 7th day of January 2009

"Darkness cannot shut me in again. I have had a glimpse of the shore, and can now live by the hope of reaching it." Helen Keller

I am telling myself to remember this day.

The seventh day of January in the ninth year of the second millennium.

This is the day that my life took a sharp and stunning turn into the surreal and astounding, the fantastical and the breathtaking.

This is the day in which all of my tears and aching, all of my longing and seeking, all of my pain, my desperation, my anguish, my torment found their purpose, their meaning.

This is the day that hope finally won over fear.

This is the day that being a nonsense kind of girl finally made sense.

This is the day that the imagination and fantasy of a naive and idealistic fool of love put to death doubt and cynicism.

This is the day that I will always look back on to remind myself that the impossible is possible.

This is the day that all was overcome.

I am telling myself to remember this day.

And yet, I trust that there is no need to train my mind to remember this day, for surely, how could I ever forget such a day?

This day that the shore has come within my reach.
This day that the darkness can shut me in no longer.
This day of conquering and transcendence.

This astonishing day of believing disbelief that I discovered that both my birth mother and my birth father are not only alive and living in Korea, but that they desire to meet me and to know me!

Can you believe this incredible and stupefying happening?

What words, what expression of emotion could ever adequately impart the depth of elation, of awe, of wonderment?

They are alive.
They are well.

They are waiting for me...


Mike said...

Truly an awesome day. I am so glad for you and I am with you all the way.

Anonymous said...

Amazing - truely amazing! What great faith you have my dear. My prayers are with you - Zane M.

Eastiopians said...

Tears streaming down my face. Beautiful.

Mila said...

Tears also streamed down my face on that day, and much since then...