Wednesday, February 4, 2009

First two photos of my birth mother & birth father

(I have deleted the photos for sake of privacy)

So, here are the first photos of my birth father and birth mother! This is absolutely unbelievable. I cannot even begin to communicate the depth of emotion and the intensity of this time in my life...the gravity of this event is most difficult from which to emerge...

The photo of my birth father was probably taken at least 10 to 15 years ago. He is in his fifties now. The photo of me next to his photo was taken probably about 6 or 7 years ago. But I thought it was a good photo for comparison.

The photo of me placed next to the photo of my birth mother is also a good one for comparison. Obviously, this photo of me was taken years and years ago (go bangs!)...actually about two decades ago, when I was fourteen. But it's one of two photos of me that I managed to dig up in which I have at least a slight resemblance to my birth mother.

Overall, in my opinion, I look much more like my birth father... especially now as an adult. But at least in the photo of me as a teenager, my eyes and nose somewhat resemble my birth mother's. But I definitely have my birth father's facial structure--jawline, chin, cheekbones...and wait until you see one of the other photos I have of him...our resemblance to one another is very apparent in that photo...

I will be posting more photos in the days to come...Be on the lookout...especially for the one with my birth father on his Harley and in the getup to match!

These days, I often feel like I am watching a movie unfold...only to remind myself that, no, actually, this is my life fiction involved...just pure, unadulterated reality...reality never tasted so, well, let's just say, rich and complex...


Third Mom said...

Oh, my. I absolutely can't imagine the emotions you're feeling at the moment.

You give me hope that someday my children, too, will find their Korean families, make the connection you are making, and finally, finally, have the information they need to fill in so many blanks.

Thanks very much for sharing this.

sherinala said...

Hi Melissa! YAY! I too feel like this is a movie, and while the film is rolling, I am watching myself from outside the picture. It's quite surreal, isn't it!

I am so happy for you, and I hope it continues to be a positive discovery :)