Sunday, February 22, 2009


I will be updating the stats as we receive donations to let everyone know how many people have donated, how much money has been raised, and how much remains. I will also share of any events or cool stories that take place through the fund raising efforts.


As of February 22, 2009, $4320 has been so generously donated by a total of 80 people! This leaves $4680 left to raise.

Now, we only need 468 more people willing to donate $10!

If we can raise $3680 by May 9th, I'll be boarding an airplane this coming June on my way to Korea to meet my birth parents face to face!


As I mentioned previously, a very cool event was scheduled to take place February 19th through the 22nd called, "The Art of Giving."

It began with one beautiful painting titled, Change of Seasons, donated by Marisa herself.

But before we knew it, the auction began to take on a life of its own...and soon enough, the auction items came to include 3 gorgeous pieces of original art work, an all-inclusive 3-day vacation to Negril, Jamaica, and a gourmet "Personal Chef" dining experience for 8 people!

Absolutely amazing!


In the end, the Facebook Auction conducted by my lovely friend and artist Marisa Marinetto Creekmore raised $2040! Woo-hoo!

With the money raised by the auction, that puts the total amount raised at $4320! That's practically half-way to the goal of $9000!

That means $4680 left to raise!

So please keep spreading the word. And even if you were not able to participate in the auction, every little bit will help.

Remember the concept is 10X900--with many, a large task can become magically small!

It began with the idea that if we could find 900 people willing to spare $10 each, then voila!--I'd be boarding a plane to meet my birth parents face to face!

Now, we only need 468 more people willing to donate $10!

So, please help make this lifelong dream come true--whether you continue to spread the word, throw out a prayer, or make a donation, every bit of support is making a difference!


I want to express my deepest and most ebullient thanks to Marisa & Scott Creekmore, Donna Casaro Hughes, Timothy Michael & his wife Donna MacDonald, and Jeanine Tribley who donated their precious talents & resources to make the auction possible.

And of course my equally happy and ardent thanks to the very generous bidders who participated! Enjoy your gorgeous art, your vacation in Jamaica and that gourmet Personal Chef experience for 8!

If you are interested in viewing art work by the artists who donated their lovely pieces, please visit the link below:


I am incredibly inspired, hopeful and grateful!

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