Wednesday, May 27, 2009

like Surgery


He told me, It’s like surgery.

Suddenly yet slowly, the light began to flicker on.


I got myself worked up into quite a froth last night.

I don’t understand, as I wrung my hands and tossed my face into my palms.

My husband sat next to my prostrate body flopped across the bed.

It’s like surgery, he said.

Huh? I thought to myself.


But he was right.

This is like surgery.

That is, metaphorically and emotionally.

Surgery is a process that offers remedy for a condition that is either otherwise unresponsive or unreceptive to alternative treatments.

Surgery can bring relief and healing.

But it also brings with it potential risks and possible side effects.

It is a hopeful option, but not the perfect solution.

There is no perfect solution when one is dealing with the ailments of the human body, and even less so when one faces the complex anatomy of human emotion.


In less than four weeks, I will be thousands of miles above the surface of the earth, dangling in the sky.

Upon our descent, it will be as though I have traveled through a time warp, catapulted into a maelstrom where my past, present and future will suddenly meet—along with all the emotion that accompanies such a convergence.


Surgery can save life.

It can also endanger it.


That’s a risk I’m willing to take.


Mei-Ling said...

"In less than four weeks, I will be thousands of miles above the surface of the earth, dangling in the sky."

Yes, yes you will be.

sherinala said...

in less than four weeks, you will also be mending your heart, and hopefully finding a new piece of your soul that you may or may not have known was there... it is a good thing, whether we can see it immediately or not.

even though it is a lot to process, in time, it will all come together. i am convinced! :)

Mila said...

Thank you, sheri, for your encouraging and hopeful words! please consider yourself hugged :)

Mia_h_n said...

You know I really admire you for your willingness to take that risk, right? I truely do.

Even though I'm not there yet, I have nothing but confidence that this will be a good piece of your puzzle. Perhaps it'll take some time to find out what it's good for but in due time...

Mila said...

Thanks, Mia, for your vote of know, I ultimately feel and think the same--that in the end this will all be worth it! I hope you're well... :)

Mia_h_n said...

I'm better than well - I'm me! ;)