Wednesday, March 3, 2010

more art therapy...

[dimensions: 15x20]

Don't really like how this one turned out. But oh well, I'm not trying to be Da Vinci, OBVIOUSLY...It simply continues to be good therapy.

This one looks much darker and more stormy and muted in comparison to the two previous paintings I completed and posted, which were much more vibrant and bolder in color.


Katherine S. said...

Hi Melissa,
I love your art. It speaks to me so well. I don't know if what you're trying to express is what I see, but it resonates with me. The lines are balanced, and the color combinations go well together.

In all of your paintings I see shadows and waves of existence set within defined walls that to me represent the physical world. The first time I saw them, I immediately saw myself as the blurs and waves that lack shape or form and seem to be moving in and out of existence.

For me, knowing (and accepting) that I exist in this world has been a huge struggle. All my life I've felt like nothing more than dust or smoke that moved at the whim of outside forces. Before coming back to Korea, I was rootless.

Your art has really touched me.

Mila said...

Wow. Solim, I am so encouraged that my "art therapy" connects with you and speaks to you. Your interpretation of it matches well with what I often feel within also. Thank you for putting words to the colors and strokes. I can absolutely relate to what you have so openly and beautifully expressed.

Part of why I enjoy "abstract" art is the ability of it to allow others to garner their own meaning from it. It's interesting, however, that when my husband gave his interpretation of what he saw in this particular painting, what he said very closely matched what you have expressed as far as the emotion that he saw in the painting...

It is my joy and pleasure to be able to connect with you through this art. Thank you for taking the time to connect with me.