Monday, March 29, 2010

a new book by Korean birth mothers

Dreaming a World: Korean Birth Mothers Tell Their Stories

The above is a link to a new book written by Korean birth mothers. It is a follow-up book to I Wish for You a Beautiful Life, which I have read and personally own. (And I plan to purchase Dreaming a World).

Reading these books will give you incredible insight into the realities that unwed Korean mothers face. Reading I Wish for You a Beautiful Life was one of the books, among many, that prompted me to want to search for my biological mother.

Proceeds from Dreaming a World go toward support and assistance for unmarried Korean mothers who choose to keep and raise their children.

*Just for clarity's sake, due to the mature themes and intense subject matter, neither one of the books listed above is intended for children. Both books are intended for emotionally mature audiences. I was sobbing by the end of the available excerpt from Dreaming a World, while I also always end up weeping when I read I Wish--and they are not happy tears or tears of pity, but rather tears of very real and intense sorrow and grief, and sometimes even rage and despair...just be aware.

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