Monday, March 15, 2010

old art therapy

[dimensions: 18x24]

[dimensions: 18x24]

[dimensions: 18x24]

I have been trying to do some organizing lately--you know, going through the closet where you stuff everything that you don't really know what to do with, but you hold onto anyway because it has sentimental value, or something like that...?

In doing so, I have come across some old "art therapy" that I did over ten years ago.

I don't particularly like these pieces now, but I have clearly held onto them for a reason: they function as reminders of where I have been and from I have come.

I look at these paintings and
recall where I was in life at the time I painted them. I simultaneously feel both relief and nostalgia as I gaze at these old paintings, realizing that so much has changed since then, in ways both unimaginable and indescribable.

Nonetheless, I am glad to have moved through and lived beyond those past phases in life to be where I am is not always easy but it is always needed and ultimately welcomed...


Mia_h_n said...

To me these are very MirĂ³-ish. I like 'em.

I sniff a tidy little side income...;)

Mila said...

Now, I am familiar with Miro's work. Although his pieces were much more complex and darker, and obviously he had higher, more developed skill. But, thanks, Mia, for your encouragement.

It feels good to be getting back in touch with that side of me...